Its been a while once again.
I have been busy with the Newspaper-Delivery and other things and so here i am now and try to find some words.

Iida and Pihla had their first Birthday a little while ago and i cant believe how fast the time is running. Iida is staying on her feet doing her furst steps from alone and i cant even explain how proud i am!! Its so nice to see them grow and learning all this things which are so normal for us big ones ;D
Also Salla-Aurora had her 4th Birthday last Friday and im a bit sad i couldnt make it. Im having since a few days extremly bad backpain and my stomach wasnt so friendly either.

Still i went yesterday with Johanna to Caribia here in Turku to see The Rasmus. Havent seen them since 2 years! I have to say i dont listen so much to them anymore lately but they are live a lot of fun so there was no doubt of going.
While we were waiting outside, to get finally in, a girl noticed us and we started talking. She is from Austria and it was nice to have some company. So we talked a lot (in german of course ;D) and rocked together the whole evening.
We had soooo much fun! Rasmus played many old songs like ICE and Playboys, Chill and also Ufolaulu which was quite fun when Eero came with a big "Planet" on stage and did whatever he did with it.
At the end Johanna catched one of Akis Drumsticks and she looked so cute with this big and proud smile on her face!
After the Show we went behind Caribia and waited on the Tourbus for the Guys. We are such Groupies! xD No we are NOT but still we catched them and had some fun talk and after Eero improved his german with me and Pauli showed me his smartest look they went to the bus and we were on the way back home.

Today i am soooo tired and everything hurts even more than the last days. Its very hard to move and to get up.
We had planed a little Biketour today but its impossible for me thats for sure. But i wrote Johanna she could come later for a while to my place. We will see.

Now i will lay down for a while. =)
12.10.08 13:11

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