Snail on the Road


First i want to say thanks for all you Comments i got. Its nice to see that really some people read this here ^^

Well, what have a done lately...
I met with Johanna to learn some finnish. I could help her a bit with some sentences in her book and i was surprised of myself how much i really understand. If someone would ask me now how i would have to say this and that in finnish i maybe would have a bit problems to really say it but if im reading something then its soooo much easier! Weird mh?

Then we had a visitor for one night here. It was Jukkas Twinsister (also called Johanna) and we had a really nice evening together. We had Chips and Popcorn and a movie, which i cant remember anymore what it was called.
But it was nice to have her here. I feel close to her and since she moved away from Turku i cant see her so often anymore.

Last week i went with Johanna to town to meet two other Aupairs, also from Germany. We had a good Hot Chocolate and Tea at a Coffehouse where i have never been in and i have to say it was a very nice place. =)
After we noticed that they want to close we went out into the cold weather again and i took the girls to a Bar on the other side of the marketplace. I have been there before with Pooki and its a very comfortable place to sit, talk and have some coke.
We talked there for hours and had such a good time all together! The whole evening i could just talk german! You have no idea how great that was! =D
Around midnight we all were on our way back home. Johanna and me had the longest way i think. Well, we walked so it took a while. I was bringing her as far as i could even though it ment i had to walk a looong way alone back home.
She didnt like that idea so much but as i said already to her, i would feel even more uncomfortabled if she would walk that long way alone. And i also have always the feeling that i have to take care of her and bring her safely back to Saara and Jukka.
Im anyways a person who worries very easily about others. As long as they are fine im fine too and can sleep better

I also have some little projects going on in the next days now.
First thing is i have to repair Tiffys home (our Hamster) cause she somehow could escape from it. Dont want to let that happen again.
Then my Turtles have to get clean homes again. To clean the two Aquariums means a lot of work and it takes really long time. And George (my small one) has to get more sand, he loves to cover himself in it and to dig wholes.

I also have some jobnews. I will start some crappy delivering now. Bringing Newspapers around wuhuu! I could imagine something more fun and the pay is extremly bad but every cent counts so i will do it until i have something else.

Now i will have some Cappuccino and wait for Pooki to wake up soon. He had nightshift and is sleeping then always until 3pm.
So... i write soon again. Take care!
17.9.08 13:39

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Grace mami (18.9.08 07:13)
Hi there....It was nice to "meet" you here on your "blog" I have not been writing in egnlish is a long time,but soon we stay moore in the town so then I have time. I´m now going to pick up Emma and Eetu and take them to the dayclub, to 9 o´clock,after that to the job. But take care darling, love you a lot, Hugs mami

Vroni (20.9.08 13:17)
Und ich war vor lauter Johannas schon verwirrt :D
Jetzt scheinst du ja immerhin etwas anschluss zu haben und alles und hach und geld auch ein bisschen mehr. schööön :-)

hoffe es geht steil aufwärts


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