Today im a bit bored but i also dont feel like doing anything.
Havent had much sleep last night so im pretty tired.
And im still fighting a bit with the flu which i have since a while. But its getting slowly better.

On Wednesday me and Pooki went with Johanna to a little concert in Klubi, friends of Pooki played there (Blind Nine and April).
Hopefully Johanna liked it ;D I was a bit tored that evening and couldnt enjoy it so much. But it was good and fun.

Next month one of my old favorites are playing in Caribia/Turku... The Rasmus. Havent really listen to them for a long time and my taste of music has also changed a bit.
Still i will go and see them, so far it has also been much fun to see them live and the new album is coming out this month, we will see how it turns out.
I hope that maybe Johanna would like to go with me to the concert, i would not have to go alone then cause Pooki is not really excited about to get forced by me to go too ;D

Tomorrow is Pookis Birthday and i dont have a clue yet if we will go anywhere. But maybe a join Saara and Johanna tomorrow evening, if they have time and energy.

So... right now im listen to music and will maybe watch a movie later. I should maybe clean here a bit too, then i could ask someone to come over xD

See you then... have a nice weekend you all!
5.9.08 16:40

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Vroni (7.9.08 11:48)
Eeeeerstmal Happy B-lated Birthday an Pooki ^___^

Und ich würd glatt liebendgerne mit dir zu The Rasmus gehen, ich mag das neue Lied irgendwie voll *kicher*

Hoffentlich geht's euch gut <3

Grace mami (7.9.08 20:21)
Hello sweatie...Hope U had a good weekend. We had a sunny weekend here. Hopefully it will go on like this...We dont want any rain...
But now to sleep...up 6 tomorrow. Hugs and everything good to you. Hopefully you soon will get a job. Love..mami

Saara (16.9.08 21:39)
Hei! Nice to read your "diary". If you feel bored, just come over here!!! I can't promise that it wouldn't be boring here either, but at least you will have company. And maybe some good (?) food.

Hugs from all of us!

-Saara +family

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