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30.12.08 03:57

while ago once again

im sorry to forget to write here from time to time.
not much going on at the moment. or lets say, im just to tired to come up with something. my problems with sleeping are quite bad lately and im really out of energy. its hard to concentrate and thinking straight to get something written. i will try to get that going again here... does everyone has his christmas shopping done already? =)
hugs to all of you sweetys, melanie
10.12.08 03:32


Its been a while once again.
I have been busy with the Newspaper-Delivery and other things and so here i am now and try to find some words.

Iida and Pihla had their first Birthday a little while ago and i cant believe how fast the time is running. Iida is staying on her feet doing her furst steps from alone and i cant even explain how proud i am!! Its so nice to see them grow and learning all this things which are so normal for us big ones ;D
Also Salla-Aurora had her 4th Birthday last Friday and im a bit sad i couldnt make it. Im having since a few days extremly bad backpain and my stomach wasnt so friendly either.

Still i went yesterday with Johanna to Caribia here in Turku to see The Rasmus. Havent seen them since 2 years! I have to say i dont listen so much to them anymore lately but they are live a lot of fun so there was no doubt of going.
While we were waiting outside, to get finally in, a girl noticed us and we started talking. She is from Austria and it was nice to have some company. So we talked a lot (in german of course ;D) and rocked together the whole evening.
We had soooo much fun! Rasmus played many old songs like ICE and Playboys, Chill and also Ufolaulu which was quite fun when Eero came with a big "Planet" on stage and did whatever he did with it.
At the end Johanna catched one of Akis Drumsticks and she looked so cute with this big and proud smile on her face!
After the Show we went behind Caribia and waited on the Tourbus for the Guys. We are such Groupies! xD No we are NOT but still we catched them and had some fun talk and after Eero improved his german with me and Pauli showed me his smartest look they went to the bus and we were on the way back home.

Today i am soooo tired and everything hurts even more than the last days. Its very hard to move and to get up.
We had planed a little Biketour today but its impossible for me thats for sure. But i wrote Johanna she could come later for a while to my place. We will see.

Now i will lay down for a while. =)
12.10.08 13:11


Im up since an hour already. YES, i really am! =D
Pooki wanted to get up too to have breakfast with me but when i tried to wake him up he was soooo tired that i didnt had the heart to get him out of bed. =)
So im sitting here now, having some Toast with Cheese and getting ready soon. In about 30 minutes Johanna should be here. We want to go to the City and meet with Nantke (german Aupair).
Our plan is quite simple... We try to find Turku´s Castle and the rest is open. Im sure that will be a lot of fun, 3 german girls lost in Turku but somehow it will work out! So far i always have found my way back home! I will take some pictures and try to put them here online next time.
So... i hope you all have a nice weekend! See you later!
20.9.08 09:01

Snail on the Road


First i want to say thanks for all you Comments i got. Its nice to see that really some people read this here ^^

Well, what have a done lately...
I met with Johanna to learn some finnish. I could help her a bit with some sentences in her book and i was surprised of myself how much i really understand. If someone would ask me now how i would have to say this and that in finnish i maybe would have a bit problems to really say it but if im reading something then its soooo much easier! Weird mh?

Then we had a visitor for one night here. It was Jukkas Twinsister (also called Johanna) and we had a really nice evening together. We had Chips and Popcorn and a movie, which i cant remember anymore what it was called.
But it was nice to have her here. I feel close to her and since she moved away from Turku i cant see her so often anymore.

Last week i went with Johanna to town to meet two other Aupairs, also from Germany. We had a good Hot Chocolate and Tea at a Coffehouse where i have never been in and i have to say it was a very nice place. =)
After we noticed that they want to close we went out into the cold weather again and i took the girls to a Bar on the other side of the marketplace. I have been there before with Pooki and its a very comfortable place to sit, talk and have some coke.
We talked there for hours and had such a good time all together! The whole evening i could just talk german! You have no idea how great that was! =D
Around midnight we all were on our way back home. Johanna and me had the longest way i think. Well, we walked so it took a while. I was bringing her as far as i could even though it ment i had to walk a looong way alone back home.
She didnt like that idea so much but as i said already to her, i would feel even more uncomfortabled if she would walk that long way alone. And i also have always the feeling that i have to take care of her and bring her safely back to Saara and Jukka.
Im anyways a person who worries very easily about others. As long as they are fine im fine too and can sleep better

I also have some little projects going on in the next days now.
First thing is i have to repair Tiffys home (our Hamster) cause she somehow could escape from it. Dont want to let that happen again.
Then my Turtles have to get clean homes again. To clean the two Aquariums means a lot of work and it takes really long time. And George (my small one) has to get more sand, he loves to cover himself in it and to dig wholes.

I also have some jobnews. I will start some crappy delivering now. Bringing Newspapers around wuhuu! I could imagine something more fun and the pay is extremly bad but every cent counts so i will do it until i have something else.

Now i will have some Cappuccino and wait for Pooki to wake up soon. He had nightshift and is sleeping then always until 3pm.
So... i write soon again. Take care!
17.9.08 13:39



Today im a bit bored but i also dont feel like doing anything.
Havent had much sleep last night so im pretty tired.
And im still fighting a bit with the flu which i have since a while. But its getting slowly better.

On Wednesday me and Pooki went with Johanna to a little concert in Klubi, friends of Pooki played there (Blind Nine and April).
Hopefully Johanna liked it ;D I was a bit tored that evening and couldnt enjoy it so much. But it was good and fun.

Next month one of my old favorites are playing in Caribia/Turku... The Rasmus. Havent really listen to them for a long time and my taste of music has also changed a bit.
Still i will go and see them, so far it has also been much fun to see them live and the new album is coming out this month, we will see how it turns out.
I hope that maybe Johanna would like to go with me to the concert, i would not have to go alone then cause Pooki is not really excited about to get forced by me to go too ;D

Tomorrow is Pookis Birthday and i dont have a clue yet if we will go anywhere. But maybe a join Saara and Johanna tomorrow evening, if they have time and energy.

So... right now im listen to music and will maybe watch a movie later. I should maybe clean here a bit too, then i could ask someone to come over xD

See you then... have a nice weekend you all!
5.9.08 16:40



I know its been a while that i have been writing here and i once again want to try a new start and get this Blog updated more often!

I blocked all my old messages here, its a start all over again.
My time as an Aupair is over now since 2 month and im officially living now with Pooki together. For those who dont know it yet, we have a nice Apartment a bit outside of Turku and so far its really great.
Im trying to find work here at the moment, not that easy. I also hopefully can start a new course to learn better finnish but it looks like its not gonna happen before next year anymore.
So i try to focus on some other things while im still at home and try to keep myself up. It can become quite boring sometimes here. I still dont know so many people in Turku and to find real friends is hard. But i hope for the best and will for sure have better luck someday.

Last week my former Guestfamily (Saara and Jukka) got their new Aupair (Johanna) and i already spend some time with her. She seems really nice and we already had quite much to laugh about =)
Im really happy that she is so nice, would have become very weird to see someone with "my" little ones who i wouldnt like. So everything is fine!
The last weekends i spend time with them all together in Vammala and Rauma to visit their familys. Each of them seem to live in, lets call it a bit different worlds but all are so lovely and kind. Even though that we dont speak the same language you just feel that you are so welcome there, in both familys, that is so great! I really enjoyed my time with them.

Well, what else do i have to tell today...
I just cutted my hair today, FINALLY! I just got the idea to look online for some ideas for a new haircut and i found a Video which showed how to cut your hair yourself. It was looking very weird and i was a bit scared it could not work and become a total disaster but it actually worked out just fine and now its finally nice again.
I wanted to go to a hairdresser since a very long time already but it is always so expensive. Not from today on anymore, it was really easy to do! =D

Tomorrow i will go over to Jukka and will help Johanna with the babys and make some food. Jukka can then just relax a bit and do things on his own. And its good for me too cause then i have something to do and what could be nicer than being with my little cuties! <3

Then something to Mami Grace... LOVE YOU!
And Verena... Bist du bald mal zu haus? Ich warte auf dich mein Honigkuchenpferdchen! xD

I wish you all a nice evening and hopefully we write and read here more often from now on! My GUESTBOOK is also always happy to get new comments from you! ;D
2.9.08 19:02

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